Inch Shaft Reducer
ROLADRIVE ® Reducer Features
    Robust construction and several ring-gears engagement make the considerably lighter and more compact ROLADRIVE reducer. The brainchild compact motor downsize 50%-60% than conventional reducers.
    External and internal ring gears are around able units contact by rolling when engage. It reduces sliding friction loss when engage and obtains especially high efficiency. 90% efficiency ratio is obtained in single reduction while 80% in double reduction.
    External and internal ring gears are simple pillars like roller pins that are easy to adjust and modify for proper size in order to obtain better precision and stability. Several ring-gears engage compensates ring gear tolerance. ROLADRIVE is excellent for instant positioning and preventing output back-lash. ROLADRIVE reducer is the best choice of precise position.
    ROLADRIVE reducer offers 1/6-1/87 reduction ratio in single reduction and 7569:1 in double reduction.
    External and internal ring gears are around able units. The rolling contact makes lower noise then sliding tooth contact in conventional way. Rollers can be ground to improve its working accuracy. The external rollers of the disc engage progressively with the rollers of the fixed ring gear housing and obtains exceptional smooth and lower noise.

    Rolling contact and even load distribution, component wear of ROLADRIVE reducer is very low. All gears are hardened, tempered and ground to obtain smooth surface and hardness HRC60°. It turns smoothly even for long time operation and under minimum maintenance. For the economic standpoint, the long service life of ROLADRIVE reducer is an extremely profitable investment.

    Only one or two teeth engagement in conventional transmission that is easy to break by shock loading. Power decentralization technology of ROLADRIVE reducer with many simultaneous contact points (shock loads are distributed to 20%-46% in two disc system) increases high power transmission in compact size. ROLADRIVE reducer is the first choice for high peak loading.

    ROLADRIVE reducer equips with a pair of non-conjugate round tooth from, With proper parameter selection and design, the instant transmission ratio and speed are varied within smaller range. Several ring-gears engage compensates tolerance and resists shock, especially high response in starts-stops-changes of direction of rotation. ROLADRIVE reducer is the only choice for frequent start-stop-reversing duties.

Power decentralization technology is obtained by several ring-gears engagement, the shock loads capacity increases to 500% of the rated torque. Transmission efficiency is especially high for external & internal ring gears are contacting by complete rolling while sliding.
In comparison with conventional spur-gear or helix-gear reducers, with which at most one to two gearwheel pairs are engaged. The device worn out or gear interference on the convention gear reducers, could possible to cause non-smooth torque transmission.

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