Inch Shaft Reducer
Pressing down the roller (3) in the roller disc (2) with insert the roller (5) in the gear rack (4) and shifting on right, detail (as shown fig. 1), then the roller (3) in the roller disc (2) are shifted inverse,the roller (3) are limited in the roller disc (2) and keep always the constant gear pitch Pr, the rolling gear are shifted continuous by pushing, one by one, not any dwell point and satisfy.
L=Tg x Pg = Tr x Pr . Tr and Tg express the number of the roller in the roller disc (2) and needle (5), separately.
Exciting wave
The needles (5) adopting the circle!|s shape, and the wave exciter of the standard eccentric cam,its rule is a motion of the crank slide.
The roller disc (3) are excited by the eccentric cam (1), producing the high speed public revolution and the low speed retarding revolution itself on the same time. Retarding speed exported through the shaft pin (5) which are drived by the roller (4), we can easily prove to the mnop is a parallelogram, so that the exporting revolution speed equal to the speed of the roller disc (3).
The above elements are assembled, when the roller (4) are small so that can!|t insert any the shaft pin (5) in it, then the shaft pin (5) put in the disc (3) directly, not any change for the exporting speed, which is a pure rolling contact in this system, a few lose and huge efficiency.
1 - Needle Sleeve.
2 - Needle.
3 - Rolling Disc.
4 - Rolling Gear.
5 - Shaft Pin.
D1 - Pitch diameter of needle.
D2 - Diameter of the wave exciter.

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