Inch Shaft Reducer
Basic Structure Diagram of Roladrive® Reducer as Figure
  • Internal rollers on sturdy ring gear housing.
  • External rollers on precision planetary disc.

  • Input shaft turns clockwise to synchrony drive eccentric cam turning clockwise.
  • Planetary disc turns counter clockwise eccentrically driven by the eccentric cam.
  • External rollers turn counter clockwise accompany with planetary disc.

  • While external rollers turning counter clockwise accompany with planetary disc, the external rollers of the disc engages progressively with the internal rollers of the ring gear housing.
  • Cause the internal/external rollers can turn freely around their center, we call Such a transmission mode "Arroundable Tooth From" transmission.

  • Output shaft pins moving with planetary disc will turn counter clockwise; output shaft connected with output shaft pins also turns counter clockwise.
  • As figure A to D, input shaft truns for one cycle, external rollers turn for one tooth in reverse direction. As a result, the number of teeth of external rollers is equal to the reduction ratio.

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